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Satellite views of your outdoor adventures

Interactive Trail Maps

By Jim Wood

Published September 9, 2007

Last update: September 11, 2007

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These sample online maps were constructed using primarily the free GPS Visualizer and Google mapping services*. Once opened, the base map can be changed from the default Google hybrid option (street map + satellite image) to other options (including USGS topo maps) using the drop-down menu.

For those interested, the track and waypoint files (GPX format) that were used to build each map are zipped together and can be downloaded for use in other software applications.






track & waypoint files
Bull Run Occoquan Trail BRO.zip
Fairfax Cross County Trail CCT.zip
Bike Ride 8-02 Bike.zip
Italy Pass Trip         (Elev profile) Italy Pass Trip.zip


* Other tools I use for capturing, editing and managing tracks and waypoints include a Garmin Geko 301 GPS receiver and various commercial and open source software tools such as:

Delorme Topo USA
National Geographic Topo!
Google Earth (free edition)
Easy GPS (free edition)
TopoFusion (free edition)
GPS Babel (free)
GPS Track Maker (free edition)

G7-to-Win GPS utility (free)





You can submit or read comments about this article here.

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