Jim Wood's Base Camp

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Add a Flip-Diffuser to Your EOS Headlamp

Improve your in-camp lighting


Nav, maps, GPS

Interactive Trail Maps

Satellite views of your outdoor adventures



A Treatment for Silnylon Floors

Solve three problems with a single solution


Stoves, cooking

The Super Cat Alcohol Stove

The Fire Bucket Stove System

Super Cat Stand (original design)

Super Cat Stand (new design)

Three Mods For Your Mug


Major update, November 2008

A major new article and Super Cat companion

Build instructions, first-generation

Second-generation model

Three easy cook pot enhancements


Stabilize Your Canister Stove  

Build a Set of Super Legs

Build Your Own KiteScreen

KiteScreen Update

Build a Spoon Extender


Product review

Stabilize your canister stove

A different kind of windscreen

New data from forum postings

With a bagel toaster add-on


The Secrets of Deep-Cycle Breathing 

Keeping Your Critical Gear Dry

A Gear List Super Model

Backpacking and Weight Loss


Hill climbing made easier

Reduce your risk of hypothermia

Get a handle on pack weight

Shed extra pounds quickly and safely