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As an alternative (or supplement) to our email newsletter, another way to stay up-to-date with happenings at the Base Camp is to subscribe to our RSS news feed. If you're not familiar with RSS, it's simply a way to deliver news directly to you, which eliminates the need to search for it on the web.


Perhaps you're already using a news reader (or "aggregator"), in which case, you can just add the URL below ("Option 1") to your subscription list. If not, you might want to try FreeReader, a good, free, lightweight reader for Windows.


Another easy way to get started is by using an online service such as My Yahoo, which allows you to create a personalized page that includes news feeds from across the web. With a web-based approach, you don't need to install any new software on your local system, which also means that you can read your aggregated news from any net-connected computer. You can learn more about the Yahoo RSS service here. Similar services are offered by MSN,  Newsgator and others. 


To subscribe, you can add the RSS feed using your choice of methods below. By the way, the current Base Camp RSS headlines are shown at the bottom of the page.


Option 1

Copy this URL to your news reader:

Option 2

Click on the button to the left to add this feed to your "My Yahoo" page.

Option 3

Click on the button to the left to add this feed to your "My MSN" page.

Option 4

Click on the button to the left to add this feed to your Newsgator Online page.

Option 5

If you're using the Firefox browser, you can create a "live bookmark" (RSS-based bookmark) by clicking on the icon in the right corner of the status bar on this page or the Base Camp home page.


Current Base Camp RSS Feed: