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SUPER CAT Alcohol Stove

Feedback (as of April 3, 2005)

In late January and early February, 2005, notices about the Super Cat stove were posted on a number of popular Internet backpacking forums. Below are copies of many of these forum threads, as well as some of the emails I've received. Many of these respondents offer insights and design comments that you may find helpful.

1. The Lightweight Backpacking Forum (Lite Gear Talk)

2. The Lightweight Backpacking Forum (Make Your Own Gear)

3. Backpacker Magazine Gear Forum

4. backpacking forum


6. Yahoo Groups - BackpackingLight

7. Selected emails

8. Feedback from Zen Seeker


Other Links (dedicated to homemade stoves)

1. Zen Seeker's Zen Backpacking Stoves

2. WINGS - The Homemade Stove Archive