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Jim Wood's
SUPER CAT Alcohol Stove

Feedback from Zen Seeker

Note: Zen Seeker's Zen Backpacking Stoves website is undoubtedly one of the best resources on the Internet for information relating to all types of backpacking stoves and fuels. If you haven't visited the Zen site yet, you should make a point to do so.

Below is some feedback that Zen Seeker has provided. In particular, you may find the template noted in the second email to be of use.

Received 1-30-05:

Great looking stove!

Looks like it's very simple to make and use. It is similar to the Atlanta, which isn't my design, but it is definitely unique and original.

I'll play with it later since I'm leaving for a trip now. I posted it on the links page.

Thanks, Zen Seeker

Mr Wood,
Here's a template that you might find a use for.  There is one for 15 holes on the top row and 10 on the bottom row.  A second template has 20 on the top row and 10 on the bottom so that you can reproduce the one created by bstrickus and show on your site.
Feel free to use it on your site if you like.
Here's an idea for you.  Take an unopened can and cut out a small round hole on the bottom of it.  Clean out the contents and tape the template on it.  Drill a few starter holes then use a Unibit (tapered bit) to enlarge them as desired.  The smaller hole on top of the stove should allow more of the burning fuel to heat up your stove and decrease your priming time.
Zen Seeker

Note from Jim Wood:
  Unibits (or equivalent) are made by Irwin, as well as other companies. One source is Home Depot, where they currently sell for $17.97 (you'll need to search their site for the word "Unibit", since their product pages won't accommodate direct links). Another source is Costco, where a pack of three Unibit look-alikes in various sizes are currently available for about $20.